Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy Cow...We've been busy!

Day 189: 7/8
Cow Day at Chic-fila!! Brant's first of MANY! Andrew always takes a group of kids every year and they get free meals for dressing up like a cow!!
Happy Birthday Aunt Libby!

Day 188: 7/7
Swim & Study with Middle Schoolers. One of the students remembered that Last year at Swim & Study was when Andrew announced that I was pregnant by giving the kids grapes and telling them that's how big our baby was!! lol!

Day 187: 7/6
We got to meet Kasen Jared Smith and Lilly Joetta Cummings during our visit. They were both under 1 week old. So sweet.

Day 186: 7/5
Re-united with DADDY! We missed him so much!
I made the boys labels for their DSs with my Cricut. We thought they were pretty cool.

Day 185: 7/4
Happy 4th of July and Brant's first time to HOLIDAY WORLD!!! We all missed Andrew.

Day 184: 7/3
Andrew had a great week of Middle School Camp in Panama City Beach! Thank you God!
Flashback - Panama City Beach Trip 2006 - 2 months after we were married!

Day 183: 7/2
We had a wonderful day hanging with the Cummings Family out at Camp Illiana.

Day 182: 7/1
Graber Cousins. Tyson and Tiffani and the boys were in Indiana too! :) Brant saw fireworks again and Marsha & Tom's party.

Day 181: 6/30
Drove 6 hours with just Mommy & Brant to have play time with these special people! I called this Miss Lanie's music class. ha ha

Day 180: 6/29
Brant rockin' the Michael Jordan jersey!

Day 179: 6/28
A special gift from Cousin Theo!

Day 178: 6/27
Brant meets Great-Great Aunt Irene.

Day 177: 6/26
Brant's very first fireworks! We went to watch Bellvue's fireworks in the Kohl's parking lot.


Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

that was a great catch up! i cant wait til the end of the year and you and i stuck this whole 365 thing out and we can print a book of our entire years thoughts and memories :) wish i would have seen you and brant during your visit, but it looks like it was a great one!

Beth said...

oh my gosh woman, you are so busy! i am proud of you (and courtney too) for sticking with the project 365. i have really enjoyed seeing brant grow through your blog. and you can just tell how loved he is, and he knows it too! take care, tasha!

Chelsa said...

loved the update!!!
glad you had such a good time in indiana :) and that i got to see you and talk for a few min!