Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can't believe my Baby is 6 months!

Day 206: 7/25
As you can see...Andrew has a special talent for helping Brant fall asleep for nap time.
He leads by example. ha!

Day 205: 7/24
Talking about something serious. Love them.

Day 204: 7/23
Uhhh Ohhhh! Brant found us.
Peeek a boo. I see you Mom and Dad.
He always has us laughing.

Day 203: 7/22
Lanie always enjoys taking care of her little Baby Brant.

Day 202: 7/21
Brant started doing a new trick this week. Clapping! He gets soooo excited about it and hollers really really loud!!

Day 201: 7/20
Brant has his own music for the car. One of his songs goes like this.....
Mom has a Mom and she's my Grandma.
Dad has a Mom and she's my Grandma.
There are many Grandmas who love me.
So very thankful for Brant's loving Grandmas that he got to hang out with this week!

Day 200: 7/19
Lunch Date with Good friends!

Day 199: 7/18
A sweet treat from the sweetest friend. My favorite ice cream from Scoops - Black Razz. They always run out of it when I am home, so it seems. But my dear friend, pulled some strings with her ice cream connections and surprised me! :)

Day 198: 7/17
My Mom is such a wonderful Godly woman and a great role model for me. This past week she has been serving and loving on the people of Joplin with a group from New Hope in Washington.

Day 197: 7/16
Daddy works so hard for us. He is such a handy man and can do anything he puts his mind to, like cutting down this huge tree! Impressive Honey!! :)
Now you see it...
POOF!! Now you don't...

Day 196: 7/15
6 Month Check up and Shots with Dr. O! Brant wanted to eat his stethoscope. He weighed 19 pounds and 8 ounces. That is 80 percentile for 6 month old boys.

Day 195: 7/14
Big Boy Celebrates Half a Year! Can't believe it! He is growing up way too fast. Thank you Lord for a beautiful healthy smart bouncing baby boy!


Shannon said...

He's a cutie, Tasha!

beth said...

I've missed seeing my baby brant!!!

Chelsa said...

I've been missing my Brant fix :) He's sooo cute!