Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 25 and Day 26

Jan. 26... First trip to Target was a success! (If you can't tell, I am feeling much much better!) He did so good. Never cried. PTL! We had to take Miss Beth's advice to NOT put him up on the buggy, but to put him down inside. :) I promise Beth to never be one of those MOMS! :) I will try really really hard.
Today he had his 2 week Dr. appointment and weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces. Only 1 once short of birth weight. Yeah! So we don't have to go back until his 2 month check-up. Daddy also took Mommy to get her mixed drink of choice!! A fountain CAFFEINE FREE DIET COKE with a fourth Dr. Pepper. :) It made my mouth very happy.
***On the way home the funniest thing happened. I sneeze really really funny right now since it still hurts after my Csection. So I did my quirky sounding achooo! (It really is ridiculous.) And My almost 2 week old son mocked me! I was on the phone with my mom and she thought it was Andrew making fun of my sneeze, but it was my son. He imitated my exact sound. We couldn't believe our ears. It was amazingly, hilariously, funny! If Brant only knew how amazing his parents think he is!! :)

Maybe our next trip will be to the Movie Theatre..... Thanks Ladies for all the great advice! :)

Jan. 25 .... Tiny Tiny shoes for Tiny Tiny feet.
First time he ever had on shoes. These are special shoes to me, because all of my Oldest Brother's sons wore these sweet shoes.


Jessie said...

ah a girl after my own heart....i'm a diet dew freak with a little bit of reg mt dew on top :) Ha! looks like you're enjoying mommyhood and doing a great job! Can't wait to see him in person...

Sonya said...

Looks like you loving the mommy gig:) You are such a sweetie!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog header pic! It is adorable!!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

It is amazing to see you lap up motherhood. Believe it or not, it isn't always easy, fun, or awesome :) hehe But it is perfect! PS. the tiny shoes are so cute. looks like lil dapper old man feet hehe logan still owns a pair like that right HA!

beth said...

I haven't looked at your blog in forever!! I just looked - so glad you are updating with pictures! I need to see him in person!!! Brant looked so safe and sound in the big buggy part:) ha! I never talked to Tina. We didn't go to church because Meyers was still sick. When can we bring you food? Call me or text me!!