Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 - 4

I have decided to jump on board with the 365 days picture project for 2011. This new year has a lot in store for Andrew and I. Baby Boy Raymond is set to arrive next Tuesday, at the latest. We are very excited to think that OUR SON will be here this time next week! :) Please keep us in your prayers.

Day 4 - After my doctor's appointment today, Andrew and I had our usual...Moe's Burritos! I enjoyed my Joey Jr. Grilled Chicken burrito, caffeine free sprite, and pasteurized cheese dip! Yumm! I love how they yell "Welcome to Moe's" every time a customer walks through the door!

Day 3 - Ever heard of a Husband getting the "Nesting" urge before his baby arrives? Well my wonderful hubby definitely has it! :) He has conquered several projects within the last month! Oh the things I would do for his energy and gumption! :) Thanks, baby!
Day 2 - 39 Weeks preggers! This little boy is coming soon to watch the colts with his Daddy! I hope they stay in the playoffs!
Day 1 - What to make with the amazing Pillsbury biscuits on New Year's Day Morning?? I know...the infamous Fried Doughnuts! My mom made them almost every Saturday morning when I was growing up. Dip them in powdered sugar or cinnamon -n- sugar. Either way you Can Not go wrong. If you have never heard of them before....you must try this Saturday Morning. It will become your new family ritual.
Quick and Easy Pilsbury Fried Doughnuts

1 container buttermilk refrigerator biscuits
cooking oil (enough to fill pan to 2")
cinnamon and sugar
or powdered sugar

Heat oil until it is very hot. With a doughnut cutter, cut biscuits. Drop in hot oil. Flip as they brown - it only takes a second, depending on how hot the oil is.

Place on paper towels to absorb excess oil. Dip or coat with cinnamon-sugar mixture or powdered sugar as desired.

Makes 10 doughnuts and 10 doughnut centers.


Beth said...

We will be thinking of you, Mama! Enjoy the last days of couple life - and the first days of family life! We can't wait for that update. Best wishes for a great delivery. We love you! Beth/Pete/Theo

Abby said...

So excited for you and Andrew..:) you'll both be great parents... and I have to say.. we have our share of biscuit donuts around here! It's been a month or so though, so now you have me hungry for them again!

Chelsa said...

my dad used to make biscuit donuts for us all the time! YUM!! i'll have to do that soon! i'll be looking forward to our 365 posts! i just decided to jump on board too! :)

praying for a safe delivery for baby and momma :)

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

WAHOO! I am so glad you joined the bandwagon and your fam will too. Oh and lil man... he can look back and see his entire first life's events before him! Good luck next week