Thursday, May 17, 2012

Indiana visit in April

Bye Bye Mommy! Lanie is taking me for a RIDE!
Brant loves to watch Kay-Kay dunk the ball!

Brant getting a much needed haircut by Great Aunt Marla. Adrian wanted a sucker and a haircut too.

Sweet Lilly wanted to check out all the action.

He will hold still for anything if he can have a sucker.

Brant and Cousin Adrian were quite the big buds. They had a lot of fun playing together.

Playing with balls at Grandma Ellen and Pop's house.

We were so glad we got to see Aunt Rach. We met halfway at Terre Haute for the afternoon.

B loves hats, hats, hats.

My sweet blue eyed boy. 

We missed Daddy a whole bunch, but we had a great time hanging out with our family that we LOVE so much!

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