Monday, April 2, 2012

1st of Many

Brant had his first "friend" birthday bash to go to this weekend. It was for his good buddy Meyers. When we arrived to the party she walked up to him and said, "Hi Baby Brant." It was so cute. She turned 3. She is such a sweetie pie. Love her and her parents. Her Momma is such an expert party thrower!! I could desperately use her craftiness. And she doesn't even do the Pinterest thing. Gasp! I know. Hard to imagine. She is just that good.
It was a Yo Gabba Gabba theme. Which we know nothing about at this stage, but I am sure we will catch on soon enough.
Brant played super super hard. The hardest he has ever played outside. It was a beautiful day but crazy HOT! He was sweating like a pig and his face got so red. But that didn't stop him for 1 minute.

This was the only good picture I could get of Brant and the Birthday Girl! :)

He was trying to peek through the gate to get a good look at their neighbor's dog barking.
This poor boy needs a dog of his own.

Brant had such a great time at his very first "Friend" Bday Bash!
I love watching my boy grow up.

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