Monday, March 26, 2012

Update Overload

I really need to get better at this updating thing.
Oh well.
The main goal of my blog is to document my sweet boy and all of our happenings.
Not perfection.

The sweetest Thing...
My amazing friend Bethany went ALL OUT for my birthday!! I love crepes and instead of taking me to The Crepe Maker restaurant to eat, she made it special just for me.
(All of my Daviess County are missing out. They don't have any Crepe Makers up there for you to experience. So, you all need to come down HERE and visit me and I will take you! It's so wonderful. )
They turned out so yummy. She made me a Pesto Queen of Hearts Crepe for my entre just like Crepe Maker, only better!! :) And a Triple Treat Crepe for Desert!! She is so awesome! Our little men enjoyed eating some of it too. I am so thankful for her friendship!! I can't wait until my birthday next year so we can do it all over again. Thanks, Bethany!

The Triple Treat - Nutella, bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream! yummmie!

The men hanging out while we were in the kitchen.

March 5
On the Go!!!
Brant crawls impressively fast, everywhere!! B's poor little knees are always roughed up and calloused. Won't be long before he is walking. For right now we force him to take steps and he takes a couple and falls. Hard. :( He just doesn't want to take the plunge yet. :) For right now we are enjoying the cute crawling stage.

Brant loves hanging out with his buddy LUKE! He is working on saying Luke. He says "LLLLllll". They play so cute together.

March 8
Papaw Gordon and Gigi
This weekend my parents came down for a visit. It went so fast. We had so much fun taking walks, watching IU, playing cards, going to yardsales, eating GG's frenchtoast, shopping, playing at the park and going to church. We introduced my parents to hot wings for the first time. They are way too sheltered. They said they liked them, but Daviess County just doesn't have wings like they do here in the South. My mom and dad were worried that Brant may not remember them. When they got here on Thursday afternoon I let them go get Brant when he woke up from his nap. He saw them and immediately started smiling, pointing, giggling and showing off by jumping in his bed. It was so CUTE! He missed his Papaw and Gigi and definitely remembered them!! It sure was a great weekend.

Brant loves putting on my dad's reading glasses.
It is so funny, because he looks like the little old man in the movie Up. Hilarious.

March 12
Shooting Hoops
Brant loves putting the ball in the hole! He could do it for hours. Seriously. I have to make him stop.
I guess it runs in his blood. It's a Graber thing.

March 13
It was a beautiful day outside so Brant and I scoped out a nearby park. It was a failure. The only thing this park had going for it was the swing.
Sad to report that we won't be spreading the word about this park or revisiting. Ever.

But, the swing was nice.
Brant can sign "BIRD." We saw several birds at this sad for a park.


Beth said...

Cute Cute Cute! I love all posts with 'overload' in the title by the way. My favorite pic was B with your dad's glasses on. He is such a little sweetie. And that crepe! Now I am so hungry :-) Hope to see you guys soon. xoxo

Chelsa said...

love catching up on your updates :)
brant is adorable as usual!